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Syrah 2018


Huge care and dedication goes into the making of Andreas’ exclusive, award-winning Syrah.

About Andreas Winery

Andreas Syrah is famous for:

  • Deep, purple red.
  • Rich black fruit – most obviously blackberry, black cherries and plum notes. Voluptuous, full, big and luscious, with hints of pepper, Oriental spice and a touch of smokiness.
  • Aromatic, medium to full bodied and powerful, with good extraction of the sweet flavours of black ripe fruits. Elegant with good texture and firm tannins, giving wine great ageing potential. A touch of mint, with lavender notes. Firm, well balanced oak and long finish with fresh, spicy, integrated mouthfeel. 


  • 4 stars in the 2021 Platter’s Guide (which is the bible of South African wines), 
  • 91 points by Tim Atkin (Master of Wine) in his last South African report.


Braised beef, Asian spiced BBQ, Lamb, Duck, Steaks, Cassoulets, Casseroles and Aged hard cheeses.


Residual Sugar 2 g/l 

Total Acidity 5.9 g/l 

Ph 3.47 

Alcohol 14.5%


24.5°C – 25.5°C


26°C – 28°C


Coastal Region

The process:

Nestled in the beautiful Bovlei valley, just outside Wellington and a little over an hour from Cape Town, sits the boutique Andreas estate, famous for its award-winning Syrah. 

Shaun Meyeridricks, who joined Andreas from Boekenhoutskloof in 2017, supported by his small team of dedicated colleagues, invests all his energy and talent into producing Syrah of the highest quality. Every vintage has sold out every year. The whole process – from harvesting to bottling – is handled exclusively on the estate, thus ensuring that the quality of the wine is never compromised. 

After months of careful nurturing, only the best quality grapes are hand-picked in the early morning and brought cool and dew-fresh to the cellar, to await their metamorphosis at the skilful hands of the estate’s full-time winemaker, Shaun Meyeridricks, formerly of Boekenhoutskloof. On arrival, the grapes are hand sorted and then stored in 2,500 and 5,000 litre tanks. Yeast is added and, once fermentation has started, the juice is pumped over the skins three or four times daily to extract colour, quality and flavour. Upon completion of malo-lactic fermentation, the wine is racked off the lees and carefully transferred to medium French oak barrels (20% new oak). The wine spends between 12 and 18 months in French barrels, before being allowed a further period of 12 to 18 months to mature in the bottle.

The result is smooth, full-bodied, top-of-the-range wine, with characteristic peppery, spicy, and berry flavours. The boutique size ensures strict, hands-on quality control at each stage of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the cellar. Everything from grape to bottle takes place on the farm


The estate extends to 13 hectares, with 4.5 under vine. Soil types are sandy and loam and natural farming principles are employed.